Surgical Partners Service Level Agreement

This Agreement defines and describes the standard services and support provided to all Customers using the Surgical Partners solutions and services.

By using the Solutions and Services, the Customer agrees to be bound by the Surgical Partners Terms and Conditions which are found on the Surgical Partners Website

Service Objectives

Our support services are provided to ensure that the Services and Solution performs as stipulated and to ensure that any interruption to the Customers business resulting from defects or problems is kept to a minimum.

Surgical Partners use accepted quality systems and processes to provide a consistently high level of customer service and support to cover the following areas:

  • Incident Control
  • Upgrade/Version Control
  • Problem Management
  • Service Management

Customer Service Engagements

Support Engagement

A Support Interaction is generally defined as a request for assistance to resolve an issue that has arisen in the process of using the Surgical Partners software or a request for information. This engagement is typically via phone, email or form submission.


Enhancements can be defined as any request not covered under this agreement, for example a request to make modifications/changes to the functionality of the existing software or a request to add functionality to an existing system. These requests are typically submitted as a feature request via form submission. These requests will be sent to the Product Management team for periodic triaging/review.

Levels of Support

Surgical Partners provides three levels of support defined as follows:

Level 1 Support

Is provided by the Surgical Partners Customer Service Desk when it receives the Support Request from the Customer/practice staff. If this level of support cannot resolve the problem, the Support Request is escalated through to the Level 2 support team.

Support Requests are taken by the appropriate Level 1 help desk across the following times:

Customer Service Desk Team



Standard coverage (Australia)

9:00am to 6pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) Monday through Friday excluding national public holidays.

Outside of these hours a voice answering service is available to record the call which will be returned on the following business day

Australia call Phone:

1300 911 672


Submit form:



All Support Requests will be assigned with a unique ticket number in the Surgical Partners ticketing system which the Customer Service Desk will process with all relevant details recorded. The ticket and customer will be updated until it is resolved and or closed.

For issues that are deemed Severity 1 issues as outlined in Section 5 the Customer must call the Customer Service Desk to inform them of the issue. Do not email when the Severity is 1.

Level 2

This is support provided by the Surgical Partners Infrastructure, Vendor Integration specialist. Operational issues where no code modifications are required will be resolved at this level. If the resolution requires code modification, the Request is passed to Level 3 support for review.

Level 3

This is support provided by a Surgical Partners Development specialist. At this level of support, it can perform code modifications, if required, to resolve the issue or plan what needs to be done.


The following clarifications are used to assist in identifying the severity of a reported issue to the Customer Service Desk Team. This is a general guide that is not necessary, nor always likely, to have a match perfectly to each characteristic to categorize an issue reported at a particular severity level. Each issue will be reviewed against each of the characteristics to assist in making an overall assessment of which severity level describes the issue. The Level 1 support agent determines the initial severity rating for the issue which, if required can be up or down graded as it moves through any escalation points.

Severity 1

Severity 2

Severity 3

Operational and financial exposure

The service is not available.

Defects identified that would result in the Client being in an inoperative condition and unable to reasonably perform their critical functions.

Part of the service failure creates a serious operational and financial exposure.

The service failure creates a low operational and financial exposure.



Work Outage

The service failure causes the Customer to be unable to work or perform some significant portion of their job.

The service failure causes the client to be unable to work or perform some significant portion of their job.

The service failure causes the Customer to be unable to perform some small portion of their job, but they are still able to complete most other tasks. May also include questions and requests for information.


Number of Customers Affected

The service failure affects all the Customers.

The service failure affects a large number of Customers.

The service failure affects a small number of Customers.



There is no acceptable workaround to the problem (i.e., the job cannot be performed in any other way).

There is an acceptable and implemented workaround to the problem (i.e., the job can be performed in some other way).

There may or may not be an acceptable workaround to the issue.



Levels of Service

The service levels offered by Surgical Partners to our Customer are described below.

Severity 1

Severity 2

Severity 3

Response Time

Within 4 business hours

Within 8 business hours

Within 2 working days.

Response Target

95% within 4 business hours

95% within 8 business hours

95% within 2 working days.

Resolution Time or agreed action plan

Within 8 business hours

Within 2 business days

Within 4 working days.

Resolution Target

95% within 8 business hours

95% within 2 business days

95% within 4 working days.



The following escalation level is provided when Resolution Time are exceeded (generally used for Severity 1 and 2 incidents only).

Escalation Level

Escalation Point

Escalation Trigger


Customer Service Desk Team Manager

When Response and or Resolution Times are missed



When Resolution Times are missed causing high business impact



When Resolution Times are missed causing critical business impact


Not Covered under this Service Agreement

Additional Services that are not provided under the standard subscription pricing, and that may incur additional cost includes,

  • Additional Training Sessions – for example, Receipting and Reconciliation; Pay Run close;
  • Backdating Doctor setups;
  • Re-install of Surgical Partners Agent
  • Reissuing of Practitioner Statements
  • Ongoing changes to Doctor configurations
  • Ongoing changes to Item code configurations
  • Correction of erroneous user-generated accounting entries
  • Analysis of PMS data against ERP data to correct user generated errors
  • Consulting advice for the remediation of user-generated errors
  • Re-training of existing staff due to non-compliance with procedures
  • Manual changing of Client bank accounts, bringing bank account entries into a new account;
  • Data analysis and recovery in the event that a Client fails to notify SP of server changes
  • Other management or operational consulting

Surgical Partners has produced a range of Knowledge Base articles and User Guides which will assist customers in reducing any potential errors. Surgical Partners to have also produced check sheets and daily, weekly and monthly process and procedure documents that will also reduce any errors. These documents are provided at time of training and are also available on our website or on request.

Additional Services

Price list

The above services can be provided by Surgical Partners where required. These services are priced according to the following schedule:


Rate (excl GST)

Additional Training Sessions – for example, Receipting and Reconciliation; Pay Run close;

$500 per session

Backdating Doctor setups

$200 per Doctor

Re-install of Surgical Partners Agent

$200 per install

Reissuing of Practitioner Statements

$20 per statement


Where services are provided by Surgical Partners on an hourly rates basis, these services are priced according to the following schedule:


Hourly Rate





Level 1 Service Desk Representative


Level 2 Service Desk Representative


Level 3 Service Desk Representative





The Client will provide approval to proceed with the additional services before they are commenced by SP. Additional services will be invoiced at the end of the month in arrears.


Scheduled Maintenance

To ensure optimal performance and security of the Surgical Partners solution, Surgical Partners or its platform and infrastructure partners will routinely perform maintenance on a regularly scheduled basis within the published maintenance window. This may, from time to time, require specific Services to be suspended during this maintenance period. Surgical Partners scheduled maintenance windows occurs on Fridays between 11pm and 4am (AEDT or AEST)

Emergency Maintenance.

Under certain circumstances Surgical Partners may have a requirement to perform emergency maintenance, such as security patch installation, if this occurs Surgical Partners will not be in a position to provide Customers with advanced notice.

Change Control

Production Change Control

Surgical Partners will use best practices and processes at its discretion to manage any changes made or introduced into the Surgical Partners Solution and services. Usually production changes are performed as part of maintenance windows activities.

Reporting and Notification

Metrics Reporting

Standard reporting on metrics related to performance targets will be provided to Customer on request.

Status Reporting

Standard reporting on status of issues, problems, defects and requests will be provided to Customer on request.


Email notifications can be sent to the Customer who have provided their up to date email address details to Surgical Partners.

Changes to Service Level Agreement

Termination of Agreement

This SLA is deemed terminated upon termination or closure of the Customer account with Surgical Partners.

Amendment to Agreement

Surgical Partners may, from time to time, vary terms and conditions of this SLA with at least 30 calendar days’ prior notice to the Customer, which notice may be given by Surgical Partners posting the updated Service Level Agreement on its website or by notifying the Customer in writing. The Customer’s continued use of the Services after the notice period shall be deemed to be acceptance of the updated Service Level Agreement. Changes and additions to any customized SLA for a Customer must be accepted and signed by both Surgical Partners and Customer to be valid and enforceable.

Dependence on Other Organizations

Surgical Partners is dependent on other organizations such as third-party application software providers e.g. practice management systems, accounting packages, etc.

Surgical partners use its reasonable endeavours to interface with these organizations in order to ensure the delivery of its solution and services to the Customer and resolve any issues affecting the delivery of its services but will not accept any responsibility for any deficiency or failure of these organizations to deliver their services which are outside Surgical Partners control.