Why can't I find a payment match in Xero?

Sometimes a payment doesn't automatically match when reconciling in Xero. Try out the following fixes first.

Clock-01 Wait it out... Make sure your payment has been receipted in your Practice Management System, Xero won’t recognise a match till the payment is processed.
magnify-01-01 Find & Match… Sometimes Xero won’t recognise the match even if it’s been receipted correctly, in these cases you can use the Find & Match feature in Xero

Still no match… GREAT! Our engine has found a variance. This means your Practice Management System hasn’t recorded the same payments as your Bank Account. Identify & rectify the payment in your Practice Management System.

If you can't identify the incorrect payment in your Practice Management System contact Surgical Partners Support.


What is a Variance?

A variance is when your Practice Management System transactions DON’T MATCH your Bank statement feed in Xero.

A variance is a good thing! It means our SP engine is doing its job. Our Transaction Feeds solution is specifically designed to identify these variances.

This tutorial assumes you already have the following knowledge:

  • Basic knowledge of your Practice Management System. eg. Best Practice, Pracsoft, Genie Solutions etc...
  • Xero user knowledge including reconciling and bank statements

If you do not already have these skills, please refer to: